The 101’ers



Нам повезло снимать в пожарной части г.Ильичевск. Это единственная служба в городе, и прилегающих к городу районах, была постороена в год основания города. Парк состоит из трех пожарных автомобилей и двух резервных. На постоянном дежурстве в части находится смена из десяти человек, которая дежурит с половины восьмого утра до половины девятого утра следующего дня — то есть 24 часа.

В здании находится пункт приема вызовов, гараж для машин, комната отдыха, столовая, раздевалка, душ, место для тренировок. Спец одежда для пожарных сложенна на отдельных столах возле каждой машины, которые находится в постоянной боевой готовности. На этих фотографиях вы можете увидеть людей, которые оберегают нашу жизнь и счастье.

The 101 is the number that you have to dial in case of emergency. It is the only service in the city and adjacent to the city areas that was founded in the same year as the city. Car park consists of three fire cars and two backup cars. On a constant duty in unit there is a change of ten people who were on duty from half past seven in the morning till half of the ninth in the morning the next day (that is in total 24 hours).There are 4 changes in the unit , which operates under the duty schedule,

The building has a reception point call, garage for cars, lounge, dining room, locker room, a shower, a place to train. Special clothing for firefighters folded on separate tables near each machine, which is in constant combat readiness. On this picture you can see people who keep our life safe and happy.

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Marya Mazur (25)

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Welcome in Illichivsk (by Éric)



Illichivsk is situated on the coast of the Black Sea, about 20 km west from Odessa in the south-western of Ukraine.


Sometimes you first think you’re unlucky.

I have to be honest. I wanted to lead my second workshop in Ukraine in Odessa; for many different reasons. The fact is that there, I did not find the conditions to gather young people. Famous photographer and long time friend, Victor Marushchenko, said to me that in Illichivsk I could meet a nice young couple ready for all kind of initiative around photography.

Indeed, Darya and Artiem helped me a lot.

In addition to Poroshenko’s decision  to forbid all signs of communism that could provoke a quick removal of Lenin’s Statue here, I embraced the opportunity.

Our workshop will take place daily in The Palace of Culture from Tuesday, June 2nd untill Saturday, June 13th.

I’m so lucky here!