Give Them Hope


Donetsk’s students and volunteer organization #вместекдетям visit sick children in different hospitals of the city almost every day. The main task of volunteers is to share positive emotions and their knowledge. Guys often organize master classes, arrange holidays and otherwise trying hard to improve the mood of sick children. Each new visit to the hospital leads to increasing the amount of volunteers who are willing to join the ranks of the organization. They all are ready to give a big piece of their time to help children to cope with and come over the problems. In Donetsk Institute of emergency and reconstructive surgery are children of different ages, with different types of cancer, who need support older friends.

Children : Diana, Diana, Egor and Denis

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Volunteers : Karina, Karina, Stanislav and Feodor


Photo ©2015, Renata Pisareva (19), ЮнПресса for